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Therapy for People Pleasing

You've been 'likable' for so long. Now you're ready to be authentic.

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People like you, and it’s no surprise. You're so easy to be around! You enjoy making people happy, even if it means hiding your true feelings and agreeing with others.


Being well liked is worth it… most of the time. It seems like you give more that you receive. Are relationships supposed to be this exhausting?


Boundaries sound nice in theory, but the thought of letting others down feels horrible. Plus, you worry that if people knew the ‘real you,’ they would leave.

You envision a life where you approach your relationships with authenticity. You have clarity about who you are and what you need, and you feel confident using your voice.


Social interactions feel restorative because your relationships feel equal. You're saying 'no' more and it feels so refreshing. You're closer to your loved ones because they know the 'real you.' You feel secure knowing that others accept you as you are. 


My goal is to help you make this vision a reality.


"Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow."

- Rumi

Ready to get started?

Online Therapy

I offer a free 30 minute consultation so we can determine if we're a good fit. During a consultation, we'll discuss the reason you're seeking therapy, what you'd like to accomplish in therapy, and how I might be of help. Once you contact me, I'll reach out via email to set up your no pressure consultation.

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